Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mile marker 113: A Flickr image...


This image particularly struck me because I have used the technique of standing in the middle of a road or highway to take a picture with great results. There's just something about the way everything is centered when you snap an image from that vantage point. It is completely different than if you stood at either side of the the road and caught an image on film. As if it provides a source of balance. Kind of like the road is bursting from you and is leading the viewer to the image. Symmetry can better be produced by this, too. The road I take home has, at one point, a long incline up a hill where on each side of the road are slabs of rock from where the blasting was done to lay the pavement. When standing at the bottom of the hill and looking up it appears as if the road leads off into the sky and just drops off where it levels off at the top. This image is even more striking on days when the sky is blue and white puffy clouds are floating across it. Viewed from the base of the hill I am speaking of the clouds take on a surreal affect that is hard to put into words. I have some photos of this affect that I have always wanted to share, but haven't ever done so. Maybe if I get a Flickr account I will follow through with sharing them.

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Bobbi said...

personally I love my flickr account and recommend everyone get one. Plus if you use flickr you'll have another reason to use tagging :)