Thursday, March 8, 2007

What I learned about wikis...

When I used to hear the word "wiki" I had no clue as to what they were or how they worked even though thinking back I had used Wikipedia several times for generic random searches in the past. I now have a better understanding of wikis, how they are put together, their uses, the the spectrum of them.
I now know that the information provided in wikis can come from more than one source and can change over time as it is added and deleted. This causes me to be somewhat leery of them, but at the same time alerts me to the fact that I should use my critical thinking even more when considering information and sources.
Some may have random sources for their information while others are more regulated, for example, the library wikis we studied in the 2.0 program. Those are nice because it seems more of a centralized group is providing the information.
Opposed to the smaller library wikis you have wikis such as Wikipedia, which, as I mentioned earlier, I happened to have used back in the day before I was aware of the concept of what a wiki was. I felt comfortable using it, and I still would. I just happen to not use it like I used to.
Part of me is still leery about random wikis, but I think if I stick to well known and regulated ones I'll be fine.

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Bobbi said...

you're right on the money, you've defininetly got Wikis down!